About me

I am a Mobile & Web creative developer in Hong Kong.

What i Do

I build mobile app or website with creative idea.


More Projects...

eCom Dashboard Director Dashboard

Director & eCom Dashboard

Director Dashboard - iPad app for top management to view the company's financial report in dashboard.

eCom Dashboard - review the e-commerce revenue & apps download figure in dashboard

Nowtv Nowtv remote control Nowtv box Now player App


Now TV is a pay-TV service provider in Hong Kong operated by PCCW Media Limited

Hennessy Hennessy Wristband

Hennessy Artistry

This app will provide a message box for users to leave their message after users used their NFC wristband to classify their identity.

The Mr Artist The Mr Artist The Mr Artist The Mr Artist The Mr Artist

The Mr Artist

The Artist" offers a range of Belgian craft beers and Belgian artisan chocolate all made in Belgium. The authentic craft beers and artisan chocolates can be customised with your design or logo and delivered to you within one day.

iMapBuilder Online iMapBuilder Online

iMapBuilder Online Map Software

Creates HTML5 / Google / Flash Maps directly in browsers, available anytime anywhere, no coding!

Check-in All App Check-in All App Check-in All App Check-in All App Check-in All App Check-in All App Check-in All App

Check-in All App

A Android app to check-in all social network at once. They are including Foursquare, Facebook, Twitter, Google

Bathing Duck Bathing Duck Press it

Bathing Duck

A funny app to bath with bathing duck. Also have BlackBerry Version.

Tree Project

Tree Project (護樹行動組)

A Flash game to let students to know more about tree and protection of nature.

More Projects...

iOS App:

  • Watsons App (TW, TH, SG) - ColorMe
  • Fortress App
  • Now Player
  • MaD Asia [Link]

Android App:

  • My Checkin Places for Facebook
  • Check-in ALL
  • i-Map Viewer for Android, i-Map Gallery


  • iMapBuilder Online (Software Development)
  • EDB Math, EDB Earth Science & Astronomy
  • HKYAF [Link]
  • Cuvees [Link]
  • UpPotential [Link]

MS SharePoint:

  • CLP Group, CLP GLA, CLP GPA, CLP ECO Kiosk Lucky, CLP Heritage

Facebook App:

  • Tree Care Action Team [Link]
  • Play Sixchex Six Way Card Game [Link]
  • Cha.fm - Friend Charts and Statistics
  • Custom Form Builder for Page
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